China is Fastest Growing Smartphone Market Worldwide

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Posted 5 years ago

Maybe it should not be too surprising given China’s rise as a world superpower in recent years, but a new report has revealed that the largest country in Asia is now the fastest growing markets for smartphones worldwide.

With a huge 1.3 billion people nationwide, and an ever-increasing middle class population, China has seen the number of active Apple iOS and Google Android phones grow by 401% over the past year. The report by mobile analytics firm Flurry also showed India, Brazil and Russia – three growing economies – also made the top ten in terms of growth.

The report shows that the United States still sits atop the pile when it comes to the number of active smartphone users in the country with some 165 million, although China is not far behind with 128 million. China’s growth over the past year is more than three times that of the U.S. and Flurry predict that the number one placing could be reversed by as early as December this year.

The remaining top ten countries on the active devices list are far behind the U.S and China, with the United Kingdom posting the closest numbers with 31 million devices. Only South Korea and Japan managed to post figures above 20 million (28 and 22 million respectively) with Germany, France, Canada, Spain and Brazil all lagging way behind. Only China and Brazil from the list of countries with most active devices make the top ten in terms of growth.

The Flurry report also looks at the markets that are closest to saturation in relation to the number of active devices compared with the adult population. In this chart it was Singapore that came out on top with 92%. This figure is not too unexpected given that the population of Singapore is little over 5 million people. What is more telling is the 72% saturation for the U.S., a country with some 314 million people.

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