China Will Create Their Own Embedded Chips

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Posted 2 years ago


China Will Create Their Own Embedded ChipsRadio-frequency identification chips, or RFID chips, are fast becoming a normal part of national identity cards and passports. For China, this is also true – but something that is a cause for concern.

The Ministry of Public Security has made the decision to begin manufacturing and testing their own RFID chips, with the start of the process involving a search for a province for the testing.

The decision was made to ease away from the reliance on foreign imports and products in areas that are sensitive to national security.

A researcher with the ministry’s First Research Institute, Gao Yuan, went on to say: “The localization of the chips is to protect the safety of our citizens and to break up a situation where only foreign companies control the technology.”

China’s mission is to drastically reduce reliance on technology made overseas by the end of the decade to prevent any possible acts of cyber-terrorism and spying.

Companies like China Electronics Corp. are already in the process of creating RFID chips to align with the national security standards for encryption.

For companies like Infineon Technologies AG, this news could provide a serious damper to their future production for that region.

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