Chinese Cheaters Busted By Drones

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Posted 2 years ago


Expansion Of Drone Use Expected In The United StatesIf you’ve ever taken an exam, nine times out of ten you have a story about cheaters during the test or may have dabbled in a little underhanded peeking yourself.

But there may be a new deterrent to that kind of behavior.

In the province of Luoyang, China, educators and administrators have figured that in this day and age cheating does have a greater assist due to technology like smartphones.

So they’ve met the challenge when it comes to the arduous two-day exam called the gaokao.

The exam is required in order for undergraduate students to advance to higher education nationwide.

With the exam’s importance however, has come issues like bribery and the leaking of contents of the tests in past years.

The province took matters into its own hands and are now employing drones to operate in the classrooms as students take the gaokao.

These drones are modified for indoor usage, and hover above the heads of test-takers at 500 meters with a flight duration of a half hour.

The captured video is then relayed to a separate exam room with staff watching.

If someone decides to be underhanded, the drone’s sensors emit alarms to those in the room for them to take punitive action.

With this development, some students may yearn for the days of writing answers on their palms.

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