Chinese Hackers Targeted US Government Employees

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Posted 3 years ago


Chinese Hackers Targeted US Government EmployeesAccording to the New York Times, hackers in China broke into US networks containing the personal information of government employees. This hack-job was done in March, 2014 but according to top-ranking security officials, no “personally identifiable information” was stolen.

The Chinese hackers broke into the US Office of Personnel Management, which contains files on every American government employee. Although the hackers were identified as Chinese, it is still unknown to the US security team if the hackers were associated with the Chinese government.

Recently, the United States Justice Department indicted a group of Chinese hackers who broke into US corporations. These hackers, members of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), might be connected to the more recent hack into the US government. Although they were indicted, many members of the organization would likely “never see the inside of an American courtroom” (and the indictment was therefore more symbolic than real). This operation is so astounding because while various organizations attempt to break into the United States networks everyday, almost none succeed.

In potential defense of its actions, the Chinese government has indicated evidence (released by the Edward Snowden leak) that the American NSA has in fact been spying on them for years. The act of espionage has relocated its personhood from gun-toting Bond-esque heroes to blurry-eyed techies on the web.

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