Chromebook and Windows: A Mighty Combo

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Posted 3 years ago


Chromebook and Windows: A Mighty ComboDivvy up for a Chromebook 14. I get the feelin’ you’re gonna like it.

Sales are up for the Google Chromebook and its VMWare/Google that are making it happen as they bring Windows software to run on Chrome’s OS.

Accounting applications, Chrome desktops and laptops (most priced under $300) with Windows are poised to quite a splash because:

Businesses who have resisted the Chromebook, though secure, manageable, and affordable, have not been able to do anything more than access websites along with fetching HTML5-based Chrome Web Apps.

Now people can get down to business on the Chromebook, and we are not talking “Chromebox for Meetings”. Rather, that was yesterday’s good news but lets go forward: Companies can get access and buy VMWare’s Horizon Desktop-as-a-Service and it will run on the Chrome OS.

Rich Casale


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