Circa News App Comes to Android

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Posted 4 years ago

Circa News App Comes to AndroidWith a wealth a newsreader apps and sites like Facebook and Twitter, keeping abreast of the latest breaking news on your Android device is not a problem. However, there is always room for an app that is willing to offer users something a little bit different, which is why the release of Circa on Android has been met with more than a little bit of excitement.

Having launched on iOS late last year, the aim of Circa was to rethink the news reading experience for mobile users. Rather than provide users with a long-winded report, which they generally just skim over to get the gist of a story, Circa employs a team of in-house editors, who source content from multiple media outlets and use the snippets of information to create easily digestible articles.

“We want to make news easy to consume, like Cliff Notes,” said Circa CEO Matt Galligan to CNET. “We don’t summarize. We take stories and break them into core elements — facts, statistics, videos, and images – and add context to certain points. Rather than a long narrative, we offer a series of points that you can get through in seconds rather than minutes.”

You can think of Circa as kind of a live blog that is filled with the most important stories of the day. The app that comes to Android is almost identical to the iOS version (which has just received a 2.0 update). On the home page, you will find a selection of breaking news stories in a range of different categories including politics, health, science, and technology. The large banner at the top of each category will be the story that the Circa team feel is the most important of the day, with lesser stories ranking underneath. To change category, simply tap the icon in the left-hand corner to bring up the list of subjects.

In terms of reading, the Circa for Android reading experience is better than that of its iOS counterpart and users can leisurely scroll through articles, rather than having to move a block at a time. Though it does have to be said that the format can get a little bit confusing at times if you have multiple stories on the page.

Circa is perhaps the most unique and satisfying way of reading the news on an Android device. The app is great to use and the stories are constructed to provide with the essential facts without bogging you down with the boring bits. If you have an Android device close to hand right now, I suggest you head on over to the Google Play Store and download your copy of Circa now!

– Anthony Carter

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