Coca-Cola Launches Spotify-Powered Placelists App

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Posted 4 years ago


Coca-Cola Launches Spotify-Powered Placelists AppAs part of its on-going partnership with Spotify that was originally announced back in April of 2012, Coca-Cola has launched Placelists, a location-based playlists app for iOS.

Released into the App Store with no publicity, Placelists aims to help users “add the music you and your friends love to the places you go every day” by continuing the mission hosted on the Spotify desktop client.

“Coca-Cola, Facebook & Spotify created Placelists to give you a new way to discover music wherever you go and easily share it with friends,” says the App Store description.

“With Placelists, every song has a place.”

Being powered by Spotify obviously means Placelists has tight integration with the music streaming service and a strong social element is added to the app with Facebook integration. By using the app, you and your friends will have the opportunity to create playlists based on location and seek out places to enjoy good tunes with your buddies. Songs can be added to favorite places (i.e. home, work, dance studio) and you get to vote up tracks that you want to be played. Once playlists are compiled, you can then listen to music through Spotify Premium.

As noted by Music Ally, Coca-Cola will be hoping for the iPhone version of Placelists to give app a boost. The Spotify version has not been a great success since launch and currently ranks as only the 64th most popular application in the Spotify desktop App Finder. An Android version would also help give Placelists a new lease of life; however, as yet no such app has been announced by Coca-Cola.

If you are a Spotify user running iOS 6.0 or above on your iPhone or iPod touch, you can download Placelists now, for free, from the iTunes App Store.

– Anthony Carter


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