Comcast, Time Warner Cable Rated Poorly By Consumer Reports

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Posted 2 years ago


Time Warner Cable/Charter Merger RumorsFor anyone who subscribes to Comcast and Time Warner Cable, this bit of news may not entirely be a shock.

Consumer Reports has issued their latest report containing their ratings for all cable companies. And Comcast and Time Warner Cable were included at the bottom of the rankings list.

The list, put together by the Consumer Reports National Research Center,
is based on people’s opinions and assessments of their cable, TV and Internet providers.

A damning statistic revealed stated that Time Warner Cable was just shy of placing dead last in the categories of bundle providers and TV providers.

Given that only one of the 39 providers in one part of the report received a fair score, it shows a very disgruntled base of customers.

The news couldn’t come at a worse time for the companies; Time Warner is in the midst of trying to finalize a merger with Charter Communications and Comcast is still reeling from their failed acquisition of Time Warner.

But both companies are making concerted efforts to assuage their customers through hiring more customer service staff and being willing to make deals on service packages.

Christopher A. Smith


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