Coming Soon: Apple Watch As Apple TV Remote

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Posted 2 years ago


Reuters Poll Predicts 6 Percent Of Americans Will Buy An Apple WatchThe latest product from Apple could find yet another purpose after all, according to some of the recent buzz.

It appears that the latest generation of the Apple TV set-top box will contain support for the newly-released Apple Watch.

The new version will be on display at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference to be held on June 8th.

While there aren’t too many published details as to just how Apple Watch wearers will get to precisely use it with the Apple TV, it is apparent that is is being positioned as a ‘primary input device’.

This is in addition to future development that will provide a ‘Find My Watch’ tool in the latest version of iOS much like those for the iPhone and Macs.

One could speculate that any plans involving the Apple Watch in this way may possibly include integration with streaming services like Netflix and YouTube among others.

Another possible feature to speculate on could be its usage with other media players down the line that use Bluetooth connections, but the world will have to wait until next month to see exactly what Apple has in store for two of its most in-demand products of late.

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