Competitors Are Making Gains On Dropbox

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Posted 2 years ago


iOS 8 Now Enables Direct To Dropbox File SavingDropbox, a leader in online cloud storage and file transfers, is now dealing with the unfamiliar position of struggling to define a long-term strategy to their benefit as rivals gain more and more ground on them.

Despite having 400 million registered users under its belt and a valuation set at $10 billion, the eight-year old company is still fumbling a bit in a couple of areas.

For one, they’ve been somewhat less expedient in adding the kind of security found in office cloud software for their business accounts.

With 100,000 companies that have signed up with Dropbox For Business at $150 per company, up-to-date security is a must.

Another issue is the apparent lack of a firm business plan for the future of the company.

Dropbox has begun to take some steps towards trying to rectify these issues.

New hirings at the upper levels which include their first chief operating officer, Dennis Woodside.

Woodside, previously the CEO of Motorola Mobility, in turn helped the company fill out to have 1,200 employees.

Part of that workforce handles sales, still a new path for the company to aggressively travel down.

Given that rivals Box and Microsoft have added to their position in the past year, Dropbox will need to do all it can to retain their position at the top.

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