Computer Viruses Courtesy Of The NSA

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Posted 4 years ago


Computer Viruses Courtesy Of The NSAThe NSA/National Security Agency are hard at work infecting 50,000 computer networks with the objective to “steal sensitive data”. Leaker Edward Snowden had his report published in NRC, a Dutch paper. The NSA call the program “CNE/Computer Network Exploitation”. It is “the secret infliltration of computer systems achieved by installing malware”.

Sifting through friend or foe, the National Security Agency are being exposed as being deep into the malware business: “Computer Network Exploitation” works by “enabling actions and intelligence collection via computer networks that exploit data gathered from target or enemy information systems or networks”.

The NSA webpage has information not only for the CNE, described above, but for other “Computer Network Operations”. Their job applicants are to find the information useful.

R. Casale


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