Corporations Don’t Want To Ask Permission To Scan Your Face

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Posted 2 years ago


Facebook Hard At Work On High Level Facial RecognitionThere now appears to be an impasse between a nine-person group of privacy advocates and corporations over obtaining permission to scan the faces of potential users, leading to a walkout by the advocates.

The conference, organized and hosted by government officials, saw the advocates storm out after the corporations refused to acknowledge any situation where they would need to get consent to scan a person’s face.

Georgetown University law professor and one of the advocates at the meeting, Alvaro Bedoya, said of the corporations’ unwillingness: “Not a single trade association or company would agree with that premise. That’s remarkable. Google is opt-in on facial recognition, Microsoft is opt-in on facial recognition, Facebook isn’t, but they’ve gotten sued and also had to turn it off in Europe. So not only does it go against state law, it goes against industry practice. Consumers deserve more.”

The stance of the Computer & Communications Industry Association, as expressed by their representative Bijan Madhani was as follows: “There are circumstances where permission prior to participation in a facial recognition system makes a great deal of sense, and others where it does not.”

He went on to state that using facial recognition to try to pinpoint shoplifters would be one case where retailers wouldn’t need permission.

The National Telecommunications and Information Association, who hosted the talks that have been going on since last year, have stated that despite the walkout, they would continue.

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