Could HP Be Turning To Android?

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Posted 4 years ago

Hewlett-Packard are no strangers to the tablet market, although it’s fair to say that the HP TouchPad – released in 2011 – was anything but a success, selling just 25,000 of 270,000 units. After the 9.7-inch tablet was buried by HP just six weeks after its introduction, the company also seemingly washed its hands of the ill-fated webOS operating system by releasing it to the open source community.

WebOS was also the driving force between the little known Veer 4G smartphone launched by HP, but like the TouchPad, that quickly went the way of the Dodo. However, previous failures have not deterred HP’s attempts at being successful in the mobile game and rumors are rife that Palo Alto based corporation are readying a new tablet – this time using Android.

According to a report by ReadWrite, which is also confirmed by The Verge, HP have been developing a new Android-powered tablet since before last Thanksgiving, and is close to unveiling the model. The fact that the company is embracing Android instantly adds to the appeal of the tablet given that the Google owned OS is hugely popular right now. Combining the operating system with some top hardware could potentially lead to big sales, and if the report is to be believed, top hardware is exactly what HP are planning on.

The tablet is expected to include NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 processor – the SoC that was introduced at the year’s CES and comes with 4 CPU cores and 72 GPU cores. The Tegra 4 is one of the most powerful SoCs in the world right now and the fact that very few products using the chip have been announced could work to HPs advantage in terms of attracting attention.

The same sources cited by ReadWrite also revealed in the report that the tablet could be followed up by the release of an Android smartphone by the end of 2013; however, this rumor does not concur with HP’s CEO Meg Whitman who has stated that while a smartphone is on the agenda, it will not be happening in 2013.

ReadWrite did not offer a specific date for the announcement of the tablet, noting only that it will happen in the coming months. One thing is for sure though, after the disaster that was WebOS, HP will not be rushing this tablet!

– Anthony Carter

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