Cover Transforms your Android Lock Screen with the Apps You Need

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Posted 4 years ago


Cover Transforms your Android Lock Screen with the Apps You NeedWith so many great apps available for Android, it’s hard not to become addicted to the Google Play Store. Having lots of apps is great – having to scroll through these apps to find a specific one? Not so great. Don’t worry though; there is a solution and its name is Cover.

Cover is a new contextual lock screen app that aims to provide you with “the right apps at the right time”. It does this by learning which apps you use the most, when you use them the most and where you use them most, before displaying six of them in a neat column on your lock screen for quick and easy access.

Over a couple of days of use, Cover will identify your habits and work out which apps are relevant during particular times of the day. For example, Facebook and Flipboard might be used early in the morning to catch up on the overnight goings on in the world’s news and social media. These apps could then be replaced with Gmail, LinkedIn, and Google Drive during the working day and maybe Netflix on an evening.

The app also uses the accelerometer and gyroscope of a device to determine if you are walking or driving and will provide apps such as a music player and Google Maps.

The whole intelligent phone predicting what you like thing has been getting more popular of late, with apps such as Everything Home and the recently released Aviate launcher apps receiving plenty of fanfare. Cover is different from these though, largely due to its simplicity. The app merely provides you with useful apps on your lock screen and leaves everything else exactly as it is.

For now, Cover can only predict apps automatically, which means it can get it wrong on occasion. However, the developers say that an option for you to tell it what you want will be coming in the near future.

Cover is currently in beta and not yet available in the Google Play Store. If you want to try it out, you can sign up by visiting the company website.

– Anthony Carter


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