Creeped Out By Google Using Your Face In Their Ads?

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Posted 4 years ago

Creeped Out By Google Using Your Face In Ads?Google is metaphorically playing with fire as the company says it will begin including recommendations that Google+ users make in advertisements; set to kick in November 11. But that is not the scary part. Let me break it down: (1. You rate a service or product on Google+  (2. Just so happens that the company that backs the product wants to advertise on Google. (3. The company then purchases an advertisement in which your friends will thus see a version that includes your photo along with what you said about the product.

Google, as well as Facebook also, have been in trouble before for violating users’ privacy, though what Google is doing now is not supposed to cause any trouble – (so they say?) with privacy violation. Facebook got in trouble ($20 million dollars worth) when their advertising scheme called ‘sponsored stories’ suffered, basically, from a lack of clarity about what exactly they were doing.

Rich Casale

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