CVS Acquisition Of Target Pharmacy Might Pose Data Security Risk

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Posted 2 years ago


2000px-CVS_Pharmacy_Alt_Logo.svgA recent acquisition by retail giant CVS of the pharmacy business of Target last week looked to be a mighty fine deal all around.

But there may be an underlying factor that could put those new customers at serious risk online.

The merger gives CVS a total of close to 10,000 pharmacies and a little over 1,000 clinics in its nationwide network.

The issue at hand lies in the possible security risks at hand, and CVS has had their issues protecting customer information in the past, being fined $2.5 million by the Federal Trade Commission for getting rid of highly sensitive records in 2009.

Observers worry that the data involved, which is the largest bulk collection of pharmacy data globally, could potentially be exposed by carelessness or possible deliberate measures by disgruntled employees.

Add to that the fact that pharmacy data is considered by security experts as among the most sensitive, due to the permanence of medical records, and the concern grows larger.

It remains to be seen how CVS will address these issues internally.

Christopher A. Smith


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