CyanogenMod Installer Arrives on Google Play

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Posted 4 years ago


CyanogenMod Installer Arrives on Google PlayIf you are running an older version of the Android OS and are no longer receiving updates, there is now an alternative available to help you get up and running with the latest firmware. CyanogenMod Installer is the new app released by CyanogenMod, the team behind the popular custom Android ROM.

The Installer is the first app released by the ecosystem developer since it received $7 million in venture capital funding back in September and aims to make what was previously a daunting task into something incredibly simple.

Installing a third-party ROM on an Android device is a notoriously difficult task and while it has become somewhat easier is recent years, the various command line functions and SDKs are generally seen as too much trouble.

With CyanogenMod Installer, the whole process of a custom ROM has been streamlined into an “anyone can do it” process. It is also a one-size-fits-all solution, meaning no need to track down a specific ROM for your device.

To get it up and running all you need to do is head to the Google Play Store and download the app. From there you will need to install the CyanogenMod partner app on your PC, which will be used to communicate with the Android app and provide you with your new ROM.

CyanogenMod says that the Installer will make “replacing and upgrading your current Android installation as simple as a few clicks” and they are not wrong. It really is fool proof.

Some 9 million people already use CyanogenMod, making it the most popular aftermarket version of Android available. With the release of the CyanogenMod Installer, CEO Kirk McMaster can look forward to adding a few more million to that total.

CyanogenMod Installer is available to download now for free from the Google Play Store.

– Anthony Carter


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