Cydia Substrate Comes to Android

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Posted 4 years ago

Cydia Substrate Comes to AndroidIf you have ever owned an iPhone or iPad, Cydia will be something very well known to you. The software has become legendary amongst iOS users looking to extend beyond the constraints of the Apple’s iOS, and allows jailbroken devices access to a whole host of exciting apps that may have otherwise never seen the bright lights of the App Store.

As an operating system, Android is not as restrictive as iOS; however, some of the devices that it runs on are restrictive–requiring rooting to discover the real capabilities of a phone or tablet. Today, Android users with rooted devices now have a new way to customize their operating system, as Cydia Substrate comes to Google Play.

Cydia Substrate is the result of many years work by developer Jay Freeman (Saurik), and will afford users the chance to customize and modify their devices without having to go down the traditional, and often unreliable, route of flashing the firmware with a custom ROM.

Before rushing out to download Cydia Substrate, though, you should know that this is not the jailbreak app with the brown icon that is so popular on iOS. In fact, Cydia and Cydia Substrate are actually two different things, and the latter may not currently offer much for the end user to get excited about.

Cydia Substrate is basically the Android version of “Mobile Substrate,” an element that is essential in the jailbreaking process on iPhones and iPads, making it more of a tool to help developers carry out various tweaks and modifications to proprietary software running on Android devices.

Winterboard, the popular tool used for customization by iOS users, has also been released into Google Play by Saurik, but is so far the only extension that is available.

So, now that we have Cydia Substrate, you may be wondering if the Cydia app store is soon to follow. Well, considering that Google has allowed Substrate and Winterboard into Google Play, that may be unlikely. What’s more, Android’s marketplace is far less restrictive than iOS, meaning there may not be much need for Cydia, in order to reap the benefits of Substrate.

Cydia Substrate is available to download from the Google Play Store now.

– Anthony Carter

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