Dating App Tinder Arrives on Android

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Posted 4 years ago

Dating App Tinder Arrives on AndroidIt’s a familiar story for Android users: an app launches on iOS and becomes insanely popular while Google Play users are left waiting for months for its arrival. Tinder, a dating-come-flirting app, was released back in October of 2012 and began growing in popularity on iOS at the beginning of this year, when mobile news sites picked up on it. Since January, Tinder’s popularity has steadily increased and the app has picked up a huge following among hipsters, and on college campuses, with users able to find dates with like-minded individuals from just several swipes of a screen.

For Android users, Tinder has been a long time coming, but it’s finally here. Of course, there is no shortage of dating apps available in the Google Play Store, but none of these are doing what Tinder is doing, and it is this dating with a difference that has made it so popular with mobile users.

Unlike traditional dating apps like OK Cupid and Date-me, Tinder doesn’t require you to go hunting for potential matches; it provides them for you. By signing in via your Facebook account, the app will present you with an image of someone local to you every time it is opened. If that profile takes your fancy you can like it, if not, simply pass. You should know though, that if you do pass there is no going back.

To connect with a person they must have first viewed and liked your profile, this creates a match between the two of you and you can take things to the next step through chat or by arranging a meet up.

The app has received rave reviews on iOS and is made great by its simplicity. While several imitation apps have popped up in the Play store in recent months, there is no beating the real thing. Head on over to Google Play to download Tinder for free.

– Anthony Carter

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