Direct Messaging Quandary For Twitter

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Posted 4 years ago

Direct-Messaging Quandary For TwitterTwitter has no official statement at present over the company’s quandary of whether or not to create a standalone app for direct-messaging, or not. Direct-messaging is expected, as this much is known – to become more obvious on Twitter itself as it updates its way of dealing with direct messages.

Twitter is busy deciding if it wants to bring its direct-messaging to a standalone platform or just tweak it some from its existing Twitter base. The fact is that Direct Messaging is a subject that Twitter has left by the wayside the last couple of years; though isn’t that a part of its inherent make-up, as it is?. Twitter did test out, not even going back more than a year now, a feature allowing people to send direct messages with the one precept being that they follow the recipient.

It may or may not come as a surprise to those who follow mobile tech news that Twitter sees WhatsApp and Kakao Talk,  (both doing good business as messaging applications), as threats to Twitter.

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