Disney Bans Selfie Sticks At Their Theme Parks

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Posted 2 years ago


No_selfie_sticks_sign,_Museum_of_Brisbane,_2015There shall be no selfie sticks in the “happiest place on Earth”.

Disney has confirmed to the public that it has officially banned selfie sticks from all of its theme parks.

They cite safety concerns as the reasoning behind the decision.

Selfie sticks have become all the rage for those who want the best self-portraits at all times, but they do pose a danger if someone gets accidentally hit with one.

Another potential hazard would be if a selfie stick was in use while someone was on one of their rides and the long arm happened to be extended outside of the carriage, which could lead to it being caught in the mechanism that powers the ride.

Visitors with selfie sticks will now be asked to leave them in lockers located at the park entrance before going into the park.

Disney will see its theme parks in the United States enact the ban on Tuesday, with their theme parks in Hong Kong and Paris doing the same the next day.

Christopher A. Smith


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