Does Facebook Have Its Head On Straight?

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Posted 4 years ago


Does Facebook Have Its Head On Straight?After Facebook pulled down a single beheading video, Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron has used what could be loosely termed ‘tweet justice’ (re: his Twitter account) to claim how irresponsible Facebook is. Cameron states about Facebook posting these garish beheading videos, especially without a warning, as being irresponsible. He challenged that “they must explain their actions to worried parents”.

In this mobile age, of mass availability of digital smart devices, no one should make the assertion that adults/parents can adequately monitor their children’s activities on the computer.

There isn’t just one computer in the living room of one’s humble abode anymore. So, bearing this in mind, Facebook, trying to stay neutral on explicit content matters on their social networking site, seems to be not so easy an issue sidestepped by this policy any longer.

Explicit sex and violence as well as scammers, make up the dark side of the net: Things have indeed reached a boiling point and the latest news here with Britain’s PM doesn’t surprise this scribe.

The Victorian era is long over but there are a staunch few — at least — constituents in British government who maintain a starchy stance towards “human affairs”, pointedly speaking. And I am not surprised, personally, by where in the world this news emanates from. Though, when considered, there is the political hierarchy in the U.S. that can be as equally “stiff”.  World leaders will no doubt be chiming in at any given moment.

Facebook waits untill it gets reports in from users to come in in droves. And then by the general consensus that comes in to the Users Operations team, the moderators of FB may then decide to take action to control content.

The big steel wheels of Facebook ethics has just begun to have its fires stoked. Trust me.

Rich Casale


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