Doubletwist’s New App Lets You Record Songs from iTunes Radio

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Posted 4 years ago


Doubletwist’s New App Lets You Record Songs from iTunes Radio

DoubleTwist, the developers behind the all-in-one doubleTwist music player for Android, has released a brand new app that lets users save songs being streamed from iTunes Radio to their Android devices.

Called doubleTwist AirPlay Recorder, the app uses AirPlay to intercept the stream for iTunes Radio, attempting to record everything that is being played from your iDevice or Mac.

“The doubleTwist AirPlay Recorder saves songs and radio stations that you stream from iTunes to your Android device,” explains the app’s description.

“It is extremely easy to use: play something in iTunes on your Mac or PC and then select ‘dT Recorder’ from the AirPlay device list. The streamed audio tracks will automatically be saved on your Android device.”

Given the purpose of the app and its function, there is the immediate question of legality – is the whole thing above board? Well as noted by music ally, the developers believe so. “We are based in the US where recording radio & TV for personal use has been protected under fair use for decades,” claimed doubleTwist in a reply to a review raising the issue of piracy. “We are proud to be supporting fair use with our products.”

With its iTunes-like software for syncing music from desktops to devices, DoubleTwist is considered Android equivalent to Apple’s music service. With the release of the AirPlay Recorder, the company is taking on Cupertino head on, to the probable delight of Android users and disgust of Apple and, most likely, its lawyers.

The basic AirPlay Recorder app is free to use with an optional in-app upgrade to a Premium version, which provides higher quality AAC VBR-format recordings for $4.99.

There’s no telling how long this app will last in the Play Store if Google comes under pressure from Apple, so if you are interested in nabbing some iTunes Radio tracks for your Android device, you should probably download AirPlay Recorder now.

– Anthony Carter


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