Drake, Pharrell, And David Guetta Might Guest DJ For iTunes Radio

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Posted 2 years ago


Want That U2 Album Out Of Your iTunes? Apple Tells You How To Remove ItiTunes Radio is undergoing a makeover, and it’s about to enlist some major music recording artists as part of it.

In a report issued on Sunday, Apple is in the process of coming to terms with Drake on a deal that would have him fill the role of celebrity guest DJ on their radio service.

The deal is reportedly worth $19 million, and could see the rapper in other roles of support.

Apple is also said to be in contact with Pharrell and David Guetta for similar deals, but there is no word on whether they would receive the same financial compensation.

The news comes as Apple has begun to rev up their revamp of iTunes Radio as part their plans to offer a separate subscription-based music service.

To that end, they snagged DJ Zane Lowe from the BBC’s Radio 1 along with a few producers that the Grammy-nominated musician had worked with in order to craft the new look of iTunes Radio.

Details about the subscription service tend to favor Beats Music as the main branding element.

Apple is set to debut the overhauled iTunes Radio as well as their subscription service at the WWDC event it holds annually on June 8th.

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