DreamWorks’ New Tablet For Tots Slated For Stores In Spring

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Posted 4 years ago


DreamWorks' New Tablet For Tots Slated For Stores In SpringThe DreamTab is a new tablet for tots. It is made by DreamWorks Animation who have had success in the motion picture industry, and subsequently, with cartoons. Partnered with the technology experts at the Fuhu company, they have created already the steadily-selling Nabi tablets for children. Fuhu is renown for their work with Disney and Nickelodeon.

Girls and boys, from ages 6-11 were the first group that was noticed by computer industry people to be using their parents’ smartphones and iPads. Now, the age group of children aged 2-5 years old has been observed to tinker with mobile gadgetry.

DreamWorks and Fuhu, knowing the DreamTab will most probably be a child’s first computer experience with their very own tablet, is programmed in a way similar to a cable channel. The child’s experience with the DreamTab will be guided by its customized content, as young ones need to be led, and to learn as they go.

Fuhu’s chief executive, Jim Mitchell is excited about the DreamTab: “By teaming with DreamWorks to create a device that will have original content — original content that is automatically and frequently updated — we are not following consumers, we are getting ahead of them.”

Interestingly, the tablet can be toggled into parent mode and approximately be as useful as an iPad.

Those who are at the Consumer Electronics Show/CES in Nevada will witness the DreamTab’s unveiling, as it is being introduced there.

Expect pricing for a DreamTab to be under $300 when it becomes available in the springtime.

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