Drones Are Now Banned In Tokyo Parks

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Posted 2 years ago


DJI-Phantom2-Vision-plusAs drones become more commonplace in cities around the world, there is a steady flow of concern raised about security and safety with them around.

Incidents involving drones making surreptitious flights into and over areas that are off-limits normally only heighten these concerns and have led to some restrictions. The latest situation along these lines is now unfolding in Tokyo, Japan.

According to local news, the city of Tokyo has issued an edict banning all drones from their entire system of 81 public parks.

Government officials stated that drone flying within the parks pose some dangers to children that would be playing there. Another impetus for the decision lies in an incident late last month when Yasuo Yamamoto was arrested for landing a drone laden with radioactive material upon the roof of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s home. He had done so in protest of Japan’s policies concerning nuclear energy.

The officials went on to state that anyone in violation of this ordinance would face a fine of $417 US dollars.

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