Dropbox Adds New “File Requests” Feature

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Posted 2 years ago


iOS 8 Now Enables Direct To Dropbox File SavingDropbox users got a brand new feature that will improve the sharing capabilities of the app a great deal.

The new feature is entitled “File Requests”.

Basic account users and Pro users received the update with the new feature today, and Business account users will get the new feature in a few weeks as they work in elements like administrative logging.

The feature works when you go into your account and click on the “File Requests” tab.

You create the request by filling in a description of the files and what folder you want them to go to.

Dropbox can then either send a link or an email to whoever you wish to make the request of.

The new feature is available on both the desktop and mobile versions.

You can request files from anyone, and size isn’t an impediment – that also goes for those files that may be more than 2 GB.

The feature was first used among Dropbox employees for quite some time for observation, and was also beta-tested by a few outside of the company.

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