Dropbox: Create A Stronger Password, Get More Storage For Free

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Posted 2 years ago


iOS 8 Now Enables Direct To Dropbox File SavingHey Dropbox users – would you like to get more storage for your account?

The company may grant your wish, on one condition.

In an event held in London, the company’s head of trust and security, Patrick Helm made remarks concerning the biggest risks to Dropbox and revealed how his team was working to combat it.

One of the methods?

The incentive of users getting more storage in their accounts for free if they create stronger passwords.

This has come up because according to Helm, “The number one challenge is consumers reusing credentials across multiple websites, and we see a pattern where websites will get hacked, they may not even know it, and then encrypted passwords are stolen”.

The incentive is part of a push by Helm and his team to enlighten Dropbox users about using better passwords and utilizing password management tools.

At one point last year the company did offer bounties to hackers who could detect any vulnerabilities in their application.

The program incentive of free storage would be after users undergo a security checklist. When reached for additional comment on Helm’s remarks, Dropbox declined to respond.

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