Dropbox, Despite Sunday Fix-up, Still Working On Friday’s Dropout

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Posted 4 years ago


Dropbox, Despite Sunday Fix-up, Still Working On Friday's DropoutFounded in the year of 2007, Dropbox’s file storage and sharing site/service is by its estimates utilized by 200 million global users. So, obviously, many were wary of everything from sabotage to faulty software upgrading, as customer concerns turned to the basic safety of their saved files when Dropbox became unavailable on Friday/(January 10th).

Despite the insistence that almost all users could find access to their files once again, on Sunday, January 12th, the claims were not accurate as there stood a percentage of 20 percent of their clientele still claiming to have issues.

The Simple Storage Service, Amazon’s S3, ensures with its cloud that Dropbox files should be safe, storing even deleted files for up to 30 days.

Dropbox’s restoration of all services has been conducted, as the company says, in “careful steps”.

Rich Casale


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