Dropbox Setting A Benchmark At $8 Billion

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Dropbox Setting A Benchmark At $8 BillionDropbox, who can be categorized with other start-ups like Palantir and Workday, as making and selling what a customer wants with real dollars, is raising the stakes.

Dropbox have raised the fantastic funded amount of $257 million as it trundles along, in just five short years. Co-founder and CEO, Drew Houston, is a cult of personality having drawn a fair share of viewers piping up and singing a raucous “Rocket Man” on YouTube. He is a company kingpin who knows confidence is the key and the vehicle whereby the path of success is traversed.

Dropbox is continuing along the path of big money as it looks towards a $250 million dollar fundraising swing, over the course of the next two weeks. Along with the triple figure dollar signs, also Dropbox can boast 200 million users.

CEO Houston, hopes to start by doubling the capital raised on the last round, reaching what he thinks his Dropbox is worth; at least $8 billion.

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