Drum Roll Please!: iPad 5 Premiers October 22nd

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Posted 4 years ago

Drum Roll Please!: iPad 5 premeirs Oct 22Set to launch October 22nd is the Apple iPad 5. The iPad mini 2 will be launched Oct 22, as well. Coming in an array of brilliant colors not unlike the iPhone 5S, this latest iPad is believed to have kind of a squared-off look to it similar to the iPad Mini.

The iPad 5 is said to have, (but it is at its unveiling that we all know for sure), a user ID fingerprint recognition feature that will not be on the iPad Mini 2.

A 64-bit A7X chip is thought to be onboard the iPad 5. If it is indeed so, owners of the device will have desktop/laptop power at the touch of their fingertips.

In San Francisco, California the launch event will take place at the scheduled date in this article’s heading

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