Earbuds As Fitness Monitor?

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Posted 3 years ago


Earbuds As Fitness Monitor?FreeWavz, a kick-starter project founded by Dr. Eric Hensen, replaces the fitness wristband with fitness earbuds.

These smart-earbuds will be able to track your steps, heartbeat, and O2 saturation while also playing music and waiting for voice-command, all via bluetooth. Although the company is still in its kick-starter phase (as in literally on the fundraising website Kickstarter), the business plan looks promising enough to raise the full $300,000 that it set out to in order to begin production. As of now, the company raised about a third of that amount and can provide earphones in three colors (green, blue, and pink).

If you have a problem with wires getting in the way of your work-out routine or a bulky smartphone scraping against your legs when you go running, check out this up-and-coming product.

Shane Deitch


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