We don’t have digital source files for my book – can you convert our hard copy book to an ebook?


Yes. MateMedia can convert your hard copy book to the proper digital formats that are supported by all the major ebook retailers.


Is there a minimum amount of books that you convert and distribute?


There is no minimum. We’ll convert and distribute one ebook for you if you want, or as many as you need converted and distributed.


What kind of pricing do you offer?


Our service is affordable and very cost effective. Call us at 516.256.0101 for a complimentary consultation regarding your project.


How long does it take for you to convert and distribute our books to ebooks?


That depends on how many ebooks you want converted and distributed. After discussing your needs with us, we can provide you with an accurate turnaround time.


What type of digital source files do you accept for conversion?


Practically all types of digital file formats are acceptable. If you have any questions about a particular file format, ask us about it.


Do I need an ISBN for my ebook?


Some ebook distribution channels require an ISBN, others don’t. For example, Amazon and Barnes & Noble don’t require an ISBN, however, Apple does require an ISBN. You can obtain an ISBN from ISBN.org.


Our books are already in hard copy print, can we continue to sell the hard copy version as well as the ebook version?


Yes, you can continue to sell the hard copy books and the ebook version at the same time.


How can we protect our content from being shared without our permission?


All of the major ebook retailers offer Digital Rights Management (DRM) which is designed to help prevent unauthorized distribution of your content. You will have the option of adding DRM to your ebook during the submission process.



Further questions? Call us at 516-256-0101.


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