Employees Rate The Top 25 CEO’s In America

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Posted 2 years ago


S&P_BSE_SENSEX_chart.svgThe third annual Employees’ Choice Awards chas just released their picks for the highest rated CEO’s in the United States.

The ratings guide and awards ceremony was brought about by the careers website Glassdoor.

The companies were chosen by employees who made their voices heard by giving feedback through Glassdoor’s site in an anonymous matter.

The survey period runs from April 21st of last year until the 22nd of April this year. The list is a solid who’s who of diverse global brands.

Tech-related companies made up three-fifths of the top five companies that were listed; Larry Page of Google placed number one overall, with Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook at fourth.

The bigger news would apparently turn out to be the fact that of the total list over all, 30 of the CEO’s listed weren’t even on the full list of 50 last year.

Apple and Yelp’s CEO’s, in a sign of the times, dropped down to tenth and 22nd respectively.

Christopher A. Smith


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