eNom Suffers DNS Attack

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Posted 2 years ago


700,000 Routers Found To Be Vulnerable To DNS HijackingA prominent domain registrar came under attack, and there still are questions as to why.

Customers of eNom, a renowned domain registrar company, received a letter on Thursday from the CEO, Taryn Naidu.

The letter began as such: “Enom recently became the subject of what appears to be a very sophisticated attack by a group that targets large internet infrastructure companies. Within hours of this attack, we were in contact with federal law enforcement and the affected parties. This attack hijacked the DNS traffic of 4 domains for a very short period of time before we mitigated the situation.”

It appears that no other customers except the four received this letter.

Even more curious is the fact that while the letter was intended to maintain transparency, there are still questions as to whether one of the four is the Federal Reserve Bank of St.Louis, who reported a DNS server attack earlier in the week.

eNom is their domain registrar, and the tools hijackers went after are those that they use.

There has been no comment provided from eNom’s parent company whether the two incidents are linked, but the odds lean heavily towards that possibility.

The DNS attacks such as these are becoming more frequent and problematic for cybersecurity professionals who point to weaknesses in webhosting services that can be exploited by means of social media maneuvers to redirect to rogue websites.

Christopher A. Smith


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