Enrique Iglesias Suffers Injury Attempting To Grab Drone At Concert

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Posted 2 years ago


Enrique_Iglesias_2007.11.29_4The famous international musician Enrique Iglesias may have thought he was in some offbeat science fiction movie while onstage during one of his concerts thanks to a wayward drone.

While onstage in Tijuana, Mexico as part of his current tour, Iglesias took note of the propeller-driven drone as it hovered above him.

The drone was taking video of the audience. Iglesias reached up to grab the drone; according to a statement by a spokesperson, it’s not the first time he’s done this.

The singer has grabbed drones before in order to redirect their flight to give them his point of view onstage.

But Iglesias had the fingers of his right hand sliced open, leaving the singer bleeding profusely enough to stain his white t-shirt.

He went off to the wings for quick treatment, then returned to continue performing for another half-hour.

Iglesias even took the opportunity to draw a heart on his t-shirt with his blood before the show ended.

He was then whisked to the airport where an ambulance was at the ready. Iglesias then flew to Los Angeles, California to see a specialist for his wounds.

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