Entrepreneur Claims Uber Ripped Off His Idea For On-Demand Taxi Service

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Posted 2 years ago


Uber Looks To Acquire Nokia’s Digital Mapping Service HereThe immensely popular on-demand car service Uber has been hit with a lawsuit by a startup entrepreneur who claims that it was his idea that was stolen to create Uber in the first place.

The lawsuit, filed in the city of San Francisco’s Superior Court by Kevin Halpern, claims that Halpern created Celluride in 2003 and charges Uber and its main founder, Travis Kalanick with conversion, misappropriation of trade secrets as well as breach of contract.

Halpern goes on to allege that he met Kalanick while participating in investor meetings and that the two struck up a rapport. In the process, Halpern claims that he shared intricate details about Celluride (now defunct) with Kalanick.

Feeling as if he could trust him, Halpern began to share more information. The complaint then says that as a result, Kalanick made off with the sensitive information to meet with investors in Hawaii, which led to the origins of Uber.

Kristin Carvell, a spokewoman for Uber, responded to the lawsuit by saying “These claims are completely baseless.”

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