Eric Gets Schmidtty End Of Stick By Artist Katsu

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Posted 2 years ago


Eric Schmidt: Google Glass Is Not DeadA new art exhibit looks to make a proverbial dump all over the rising presence of technology giants in San Francisco, California.

The show, being held at the GrayArea Grand Theater on Mission Street in the city’s Tenderloin district, is designed to convey how much of a stink has been raised by the presence of Google and Facebook in the neighborhood leading to exorbitant rental hikes.

So much so that one of the main pieces is a painting of Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt done entirely using human fecal matter.

It’s the third in a series of paintings done by the artist Katsu, who also took to creating a portrait of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg in the same fashion in a previous show entitled “shitheads”.

The other portrait subject? His pet cocker spaniel.

As for why he chose such a pungent method of portrayal of these noted tech figures, he said: “They are the titans of the cloud. They may be worse than the worst oil tycoons.”

These paintings are part of a show that also featured tech workers and artists alike taking pictures before giant slides from the PRISM presentation of the National Security Agency.

The group behind it is the Free Art and Technology Lab, better known as FAT Labs, based out of New York City originally. Proof positive that BS can be an effective method to get your point across.

Christopher A. Smith


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