ESPN’s ScoreCenter Rebranded as SportsCenter

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Posted 4 years ago


ESPN’s ScoreCenter Rebranded as SportsCenterESPN’s hugely popular ScoreCenter app is no more. Don’t get too downhearted though, because it has been replaced by something bigger and better: SportsCenter.

The ESPN mobile apps have been receiving unprecedented popularity of late, with figures confirming that smartphone and tablet apps are getting more hits than the website. With SportsCenter, the sports broadcaster is giving fans a more complete mobile sports experience that goes way beyond simply providing scores.

As first reported by TechCrunch, SportsCenter has been redesigned for both iOS and Android, introducing a host of new features. ScoreCenter had received more than 50 million downloads across the two platforms and ESPN has made sure that everything good about the original app remains. Easy access to your favorite teams across a range of sports, user insights and, of course, the latest scores are all there, and they’ve been supplemented with some news, videos and a slice of social networking.

SportsCenter is an app about sport, not just sports covered by ESPN, but sport in general. The new features are pretty cool: “Clubhouses” provide the latest franchise news for “every team under the sun”, giving you a comprehensive insight as to the goings on at your team. There’s also an inbox tab that aggregates news stories about your favorite teams and puts them in one place, and a wealth of video content courtesy of the ESPN network, with streaming of live events alongside archived footage.

As far as the social content is concerned, it is currently focused on tweets from ESPN personalities and the network’s official Twitter account, but this, along with the other new additions, does help in accomplishing ESPN’s goal of providing an app that is “a very strong relative of the TV show.”

ESPN SportsCenter is available in the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store from today.

– Anthony Carter


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