Eternify Loops Spotify Music Tracks To Help Increase Artist Payouts

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Posted 2 years ago


Spotify Goes Live Today On Sony's PS4 and PS3Artists who have railed against the unfair royalty payouts by streaming music giant Spotify may have an unexpected ally.

Eternify is a fairly new website with a twist; the site is connected to Spotify, and it plays loops of music from artists in order to increase the amount of money for artist payouts.

Below the track display on the page is a real-time counter which shows how much the user made for the particular artist.

Each loop amounts to five cents.

The site was created by indie band Ohm & Sport, who currently have a single on the streaming music service.

They created this hack for reasons explained in statement via Twitter: “We’re launching Eternify in the wake of numerous false promises of a better future for streaming: Not a single one of these announcements or apparent victories have had any meaningful impact on the vast number of small artists on whom these services depend.”

This isn’t the first attempt to manipulate Spotify to rake up profits; an indie funk group by the name of Vulfpeck produced a silent album entitled “Sleepify”.

When users played the album as they went to sleep, the band’s royalties increased.

Spotify swooped in and shut it down after trying to contact the band directly.

With regards to Eternify, the company has stated that it will reach out to the band to see if the site fully complies with their terms of operation.

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