European Nations To Steer Internet Traffic Clear Of The U.S.

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Posted 4 years ago


European Nations To Steer Internet Traffic Clear Of The U.S.In lieu of the highly publicized NSA wide-sweep surveillance snooping and the hazards and hassles it brings along, France and Germany want to steer their email messages and internet traffic clear of the United States.

Furthermore, France and Germany are drawing up a whole plan that will include other nations throughout Europe, where a European communication network will be set up with the goal of steering clear of the United States. Francois Hollande, French President and Angela Merkel who is the German Chancellor are the top heads behind this proposed move.

Chancellor Merkel has had for ten years ongoing, plus, had her phone bugged by the NSA in what she deems “a serious breach of trust.”

The United States has been called the land of milk and honey, but most pertinently “the land of the free, and the home of the brave” as the national anthem of America touts it in song.

To wrap up, this does not bode well as the world should be in an open and sharing state of affairs at this point in the millennium, in keys areas of commerce and communication.

Dark days, some citizens of the world will say these are.

Rich Casale


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