Evernote Gets iOS Update

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Posted 4 years ago

Evernote Gets iOS UpdateEvernote has rolled out an update for its iOS app. Following on from the updated Android and desktop versions of the service, Evernote for iOS comes with several new features aimed at improving content discovery, editing, and more.

The most notable of the new feature set is ‘Shortcuts.’ The option formerly known as favorites, allows users to keep important information in an easily accessible tab that can be brought up with a simple tap on the star tab. Shortcuts can be a variety of content and even saved searches if desired and, as always, will sync across multiple versions of the service.

“To add a note to the Shortcuts tab, simply tap on the star icon located along the bottom of the note,” Evernote posted on its blog. “To make a Shortcut to a notebook, open the notebook, then tap on the Shortcuts tab. The first option in the Shortcut tab will be to add the notebook. Do the same to add Shortcut to a tag.

“You can also quickly add a shortcut to a note in any note list by swiping the note. This exposes the shortcut star, along with an easy way to make a Reminder or to delete the note.”

Also interesting is the integration of ‘Skitch,’ Evernote’s drawing app that lets users mark-up various types of content. Users will need to have the Skitch app installed on their device for the feature to work, and premium users of the app will be able to take advantage of editing PDF files.

‘Recent notes’ is another new addition and is as simple as it sounds, making it easier to find recent content by pulling up notes from underneath current notes when working on something else. ‘Announcements’ is the last of the main features, and will promote Evernote’s own tips, tutorials and updates from the Bugle icon. The team also says that “speed and stability improvements” have been made to the app.

Evernote version 5.4 is available to download now for free from the iTunes App Store.

– Anthony Carter

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