Evernote iOS Update Adds Cool New Business Card Scanning Feature

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Posted 4 years ago


Evernote iOS Update Adds Cool New Business Card Scanning FeatureEvernote – already the best note-taking app in the App Store – has just got even better.

Announced today, version 7.2 of Evernote brings several new features, the most exciting of which is the fantastic business card scanner.

The feature, as the name suggests, is a way to get rid of those piles of business cards taking up room on your desk by digitizing them and making them available across multiple web platforms.

“Next time, instead of stuffing those cards into your pocket, snap a picture of them with Evernote’s new Business Card camera,” Evernote explained in a blog post. “Each card is instantly recognized, digitized, and converted into editable text that becomes a contact note in Evernote. You can find the Business Card mode by swiping right on the camera screen.”

One downside to the feature is that it is only available through Evernote Premium. However, users of the free service can get a preview by taking up the option to scan up to five business cards.

Elsewhere, Evernote introduces presentation mode for Premium users, which allows users to use a cable or AirPlay to display notes on a larger screen. Once again, free users can preview the feature with a 14-day complimentary trial.

There is also a treat for Evernote Business users with the option to select Quick Notes, Personal Notes, or Business Notes as the default setting.

Free users are not left out of the update completely, though. All users can now benefit from a new sync button for quicker manual syncs and a button to create duplicate copies of existing notes. There is also the chance to earn rewards by referring friends.

You can check out a video of the business card scanning feature here and download Evernote 7.2 for iOS here.

– Anthony Carter


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