Ex-Android Chief And Google Robotics? Affirmative.

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Posted 4 years ago


Ex-Android Chief And Google Robotics? Affirmative.Google has entered the exciting new, robotics horizon. They are lead by 50-year old Andy Rubin, ex-Android chief. Rubin is an inventor and a self-named tinkerer in robotics, having co-founded Danger Inc., a hardware design company. Google bought the Microsoft and Android Inc. acquisition, back in 2005. Google’s business dealings have been with acquiring tech companies, seven of them, stretching back a year and a half  with a firm fixation on building robots of a new generation. Even more companies have been brought into the Google fold and all indications are on one sure thing (besides the mind reeling from this writer’s thoughts of a robot community, as Google has been set to being seen as going for broke with the robotics tech company acquisitions): Robotic arms and drones for its Google Shopping Express same-day delivery service may be about to transpire as per what Amazon have already paved plans for in their own company’s future’s headline making news of just a scant week back.

Amazon has got themselves experimental drones that the company wants to utilize in providing super fast delivery within a half-hour in the same day. Amazon calls what they are doing, PrimeAir.

It seems though, that, when it comes to Google — we should expect the futuristic fiction-like grand designs of Google company minds — just like Mr. Andy Rubin. Examples of a vivid imagination of the virtual becoming manifest in the real world for the forward-thinking big company being Google Glass, Google X HQ (headquarters), and the scything, crystalline vision of the mysterious Google barges.

– Rich Casale


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