Ex-Apple CEO John Sculley Eyes Taking Control Of BlackBerry

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Posted 4 years ago


Ex Apple CEO John Sculley Eyes Taking Control Of BlackBerryFormer Apple CEO, John Sculley, who made headlines in getting then Apple CEO Steve Jobs removed from his leading position at Apple in the 1980s, is exploring a possible joint bid for BlackBerry.

BlackBerry has long slumped in the smartphone sales arena. Sculley cites a strategic plan and choice, experienced people to rescue BlackBerry.

BlackBerry has had its most convincing bid so far from insurer Fairfax Financial Holding who has offered $4.7 billion dollars. Though Fairfax has bid for the entire BlackBerry company. BlackBerry is not interested in that method of rescue for the company.

Those who founded the BlackBerry company have expressed interest, as well as Google, Lenovo and Cisco.

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