Expand Your Reach Using Facebook Promoted Posts

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Posted 4 years ago

Expand Your Reach Using Facebook Promoted PostsSocial media has influenced people’s lives in great ways. Irrespective of occupation, geographical location or physical attributes, everyone is enjoying their space in social media. Facebook has garnered a huge fan following. However, this is not just limited to finding and making new friends but is going way ahead in helping businesses grow.

Of late, Facebook has been able to help business owners reap huge benefits by promoting their products and services on the platform. With more than a billion users, Facebook has become an easy way to reach out to more and more people, or clients, via promoted posts in their news feed. This is definitely benefiting business owners in a big way as it has increased the likelihood of more people viewing your posts and responding accordingly.

Before getting into further details, let’s first see what a Promoted Post is:

What is a Promoted Post?

A Promoted Post on Facebook is neither an advertisement nor it is a general post. In fact, the promoted post can be termed as something which is a mixture of an advertisement and a standard post on Facebook. It’s a very simple method of promotion. You simply select the post you want to promote and click the ‘Promote’ button placed near the ‘Like’ button on the Facebook page.

Targeting audience  

The catch here is that depending on your budget, you can get an estimated number of the reach of your post. The more you pay, the more reach you can have for your post. Moreover, once you select a post for promotion, it will become a sponsored post, and you have the option of including friends to see that post. The fact that these promoted posts appear in the News Feed of your Facebook page makes it inevitable for fans and friends’ to see the post.

If you look at the pros and cons of promoted posts on Facebook, the pros will have an upper hand.

Advantages of Promoted Posts

The benefits associated with using Facebook promoted posts make your endeavor worthwhile.

Not only are Facebook promoted posts an effective means of getting your message out, it’s also a great value for reaching a targeted audience.

Posts can be promoted either using your personal account or your Facebook page. The primary benefit is that you can reach out to your audience and their friends.  It’s one of the faster ways to get more and more likes on your page.  You can also test multiple ad copies and images. You can even target your users on the basis of their age, gender and interests in certain posts.

However, the best advantage is that it is cost effective and budget friendly, which is why it suits all budgets.

Additionally, a promoted post is a unique way to reach out to fans for promotions, launches and such other events.

You also have the option of targeting fans by location. For instance, if you’re a small business owner based in a particular city, in a particular country, you can target your audience in that particular zone or area. This way, you can reach your current, as well as potential new customers.

Other benefits like better engagement from followers, and brand awareness, are also points to take note of.

Comparison between Facebook ads and Promoted Posts

Both Facebook ads and Promoted posts have their own benefits when it comes to results. Upon comparison, it has been found that the Promoted Posts are low cost, and are useful when it comes to promoting an event or a special offer. They are helpful to increase engagement from existing followers.

With numerous ad posts, and millions of business advertisers reaping the benefits of promoted posts in Facebook, this method of advertising can definitely expand your reach and is worth spending your money on.

– Ady Sachdeva

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