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Posted 4 years ago


Extensions? - Chrome Web Store OnlyGoogle disabled installation of their extensions through third-party websites: Extensions as of January 2014 will be exclusive to the Chrome Web Store.

Acting through third parties, malicious software that takes control of the browser’s settings had to be stopped. Extensions basically add features to the Chrome web browser. Things like an email app or an RSS reader are necessary additions to an excellent Chrome browser experience.

Google has directed developers to come to them and bring their extensions into the Google Chrome Web Store, right away. Google will charge $5 for hosting.

It is a good thing that Google is looking out for their users. There are instances where some users may still need to have their extensions hosted outside. Chrome’s engineering director, Erik Kay, says “We’ll continue to support local extension installs during development as well as installs via Enterprise policy, and Chrome Apps will also continue to be supported normally”.

Paradoxically, accusations have sprung up where some users say that Google is making a “walled garden”, as if implementing what they are with the extensions is comparable to control tactics employed that have been used by the Apple company. There are concerns based on Google blocking advertising in the Google Play Store that it may follow suit with problems in the Chrome Web Store.

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