Facebook CEO Zuckerberg’s 2014 Stratagem Stands Alone

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Posted 4 years ago


Facebook CEO Zuckerberg's 2014 Stratagem Stands AloneCEO Mark Zuckerberg has organized a strategy for 2014. This year will see just that: Re-organization and standalone apps. Instagram is the standalone photo app. The chat app is Messenger.

Facebook, the site itself? What Zuckerberg recently spoke of wanting to become is the “personalized newspaper” with News Feed leading the way .

It’s interesting, but not all that surprising that a great majority of the 1 billion users on Facebook have never used Twitter or RSS readers. That has Zuckerberg and co. thinking of pouncing on the provision of Facebook’s own workable version of those. It will take some reshuffling and refinement but altogether Facebook has the capital and a rock-solid plan for 2014.

Rich Casale


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