Facebook Flexes Wallet-Holding Hand To Branch Out

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Posted 4 years ago


Facebook Flexes Wallet-Holding Hand To Branch OutNo mere twigs for this Branch:

From a quirky, kooky-named social network called Potluck — where those who share specific niche interests meet up — to refining it, with the style only a start-up social network with New York as headquarters could have the panache to do, becoming in the process to be called Branch to suffice as the home of in-depth niche/fetish-like conversations. Branch like a flower in June married to a most successful tune of something approaching a $15 million branching out, acquisition by Facebook, completing this most wonderful storybook, opening business stanza. Branch and Potlock ideas are to be incorporated by the big FB, and the Big Apple HQ of Branch to be kept aloft, by Facebook’s ownership decree.

Witness, the surreal:

Branch (founded in just 2012!) co-creator Josh Miller stood atop, quite symbolically, a Japanese mountain when he got the go-ahead, good word from the mighty Facebook.

A chief executive’s excitement plastered all over this plaintive Facebook post, just in: Josh Miller opined on the massive social network, “(Branch) will be continuing our mission.” Bravo.

I tell you, as a native Noo Yawker — home to many that are a smash — there’s nothing like the sweet smell of cash!

Rich Casale


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