Facebook for iOS Gets Chat Heads

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Posted 4 years ago

Facebook for iOS Gets Chat HeadsIt’s not too often that Android gets an app before iOS – at least not one that iPhone users actually want – but for iOS-owning Facebook fans, that was the case last week when the social network launched its new ‘Home’ interface on Android.

iPhone users shouldn’t get too despondent though, as, while there has been no announcement of Home making its way over to Apple, Facebook has updated its iOS app, bringing with it one of the Android UI’s main features – “Chat Heads.”

Facebook released the major update on Tuesday, with the new messaging feature the most notable change. Chat Heads changes the way Facebook messaging looks and works, and is designed to let users chat with friends while doing other things on their phone. Working in exactly the same way as the Android version, Chat Heads sends the heads of friends popping up on to the screen over whatever you may be doing; users can then access them and drag them around the screen to have a conversation while multitasking. For the feature to work, users must be in the Facebook app, if the app is closed, the floating heads will close with it.

In addition to Chat Heads, Facebook has also added a couple of other notable features to the new iOS app. The first of these is “Stickers,” which is described by the social network as “a more visual way to express yourself in images.” Stickers are enlarged emoticons that can be inserted into images. Users will be given a selection of these smileys free, with others available for purchase in the app’s Stickers Store.

The second major update is the previously announced News Feed, which is continuation of the recently rolled-out design changes on desktop. The new iOS News Feed is developed to be clutter-free and visually richer, with more emphasis on photos and content.

For a look at the new features and some screen shots, head on over to iTunes where the updated Facebook app is available to download now.

– Anthony Carter

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